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About Us

About Us

Apex Machinery Supply, Inc. has been providing high quality machine tool supplies for over 20 years with a focus on EDM, Hard Milling and High Speed Machining (HSM). Utilizing these technologies, users are cutting hardened materials in greatly reduced times and eliminating additional processes. 

We have been servicing leading manufacturers of plastic, silicone, and die cast molds for die makers and machine shops creating medical, semiconductor, and aerospace products. Apex’s customers are some of the best in the world in their respective trades creating products with incredibly tight tolerances.

Apex has adapted its inventory stock to meet Customers’ immediate needs and to aid in a timely delivery of consumables. Customers have grown accustomed to relying upon Apex as a source of premium machine tool supplies. Apex’s knowledge of the latest machining technologies ensures that users are at the forefront of their fields.


We value our customers’ performance immensely. We achieve this by building relationships founded on trust and reliability.


We have a strong passion to deliver products that are high in quality and performance. We stay aware and informed of the latest technology in pursuit of supplying cutting-edge products.


We are dedicated to fulfilling the needs of our customers in an efficient and effective manner.

Hard Milling & High Speed Machining

Hard Milling has become an integral technique for mold and die makers looking for increased productivity and efficiency. The hard milling process makes machining hardened tool steel into die and mold components possible in one procedure, which means cutting down on the need for subsequent finishing and polishing.

Apex’s vendor base produces the tightest tolerance end mills, tool holders, and CAM software to help create the most precise 3D-machined molds and dies with unparalleled surface finishes down to .2 Microns (Ra0.2μm).

High Speed Machining is providing shortened machine cycle times, while still providing a finished workpiece quickly and accurately. Apex is providing the leading cutting tool technology to end users allowing them to improve their process, increase Tool life, and reduce cycle times.


The EDM process is the use of electricity to turn hardened material into plasmatic particles that are carried away in the dielectric oil or deionized water as it cools and returns to it hardened state. These particles once filtered out leave behind the desired hole, cavity, or desired geometry. EDM is used to create details that cannot be produced internally, externally, or with sharp inside corners by traditional methods.

The three types of EDM are Wire EDM (WEDM), Die Sinker EDM (SEDM), and EDM Hole Drilling.

Wire EDM (WEDM) is used in metal stamping dies as well as plastic, silicone and die cast molds for sharp corner detail, complex parting lines, and inserted details. The wire element is used in band saw fashion to pass electricity creating a kerf. At Apex, an extensive stock of EDM Consumables is available. Apex features the best brands of wire, filters, deionized resin, and replacement parts in the industry.

Sink EDM (Die Sink/ SEDM) is the use of graphite or copper 3-dimensional electrodes to erode the desired shape and finish in steel to produce a core or cavity detail. Apex provides the dielectric oils, tooling, and filtration products to fit your machines.

EDM Hole Drilling uses a tubular electrode to create a burr free hole in a drill-like application. This process is also known as High-Speed EDM Drilling. EDM Hole Drilling machines are used to create vents in plastic injection molds, turbine blades, fuel injectors, and medical parts. Apex has a complete inventory of copper and brass single hole and multi-channel electrodes, seals, guides, Vytol-like additives, and replacement chucks.

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